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Quality, safety and environment

Pioneer Radiator is implementing quality, safety & environmental policy with the following underlying philosophy:

  • Service quality : Achieve consistency of high level quality of service in PIONEER, in every field of activity and in every stage of service delivery.
  • External, internal issues, need and expectations : We are committed to identify external & internal issues, opportunities, need & expectations for interested parties through evaluating expected effective risk assessment.
  • Customer satisfaction : Ensure that every employee in PIONEER makes the need to focus on fulfillment of the customers' expectations, their primary objective.
  • Leadership objectives : The corporate leadership would have its management policies and objectives fully synchronized with the overall business objectives of the PIONEER, throughout its life cycle and also all departments shall maintain their objective to meet PIONEER overall objective.
  • Systems & processes : The systems and processes adapted by PIONEER, would address beyond the basic operational needs of the organization and always stay focused on quality of service and customer expectations.
  • Continual improvement : In order to ensure that there is fulfillment of customer expectations, there is a need to improve the level of service delivery continually, by raising the bar at appropriate intervals of time, within PIONEER.
  • Training & development : For improvement on a continuous basis, planned training and developmental programs would become an integral part of PIONEER operational systems.
  • Sensitivity to environment : All employees of PIONEER would be equally sensitive and committed to environmental protection to full fill the organization's compliance obligations and other specific commitments relevant to the context of the organization.
  • Occupational health & safety : Promote a safe and healthy work culture in PIONEER, by committing on prevention of occupational injury and illnesses, by managing and addressing occupational health and safety risks in the workplace.
  • Compliance obligations : In order to achieve these objectives, the entire team of PIONEER would be sensitive to and compliant with all applicable laws and other requirements that relate to quality, environmental aspects and occupational health and safety.