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Condensors are essential part of engine cooling & industrial cooling

Pioneer Radiator understands engine cooling & industrial applications and offer full design and manufacture of integrated cooling systems

Pioneer Condensers are for mining equipments used in their air conditioner & chillers in many manufacturing industries. It contains gas, water, calcium chloride, oil solvents, tri-chloroethylene.

The condenser is located between the compressor and the expansion valve. Hot, high pressure refrigerant vapor enters the condenser and liquid refrigerant exits the condenser. It perform the best temperature requirement as per various equipment's and industries.

Shell and tube type chillers

The shell and tube type chillers have multi pass covers which are used in both ends to match design gas flow. The tube passes are designed to 4, 6 or 8 passes with single / double circulation. Baffle arrangement is designed to control fluid velocity outside the tubes. Short cut of baffle with wide spacing are used for low pressure drop and full cut-off are used for greater velocity when fluid rate is low.

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